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a small consulting firm, founded in 2003

Three friends, decided upon the name based upon a running joke regarding security and cultural mores in Asia. To be like the legend of the three wise monkeys, soon became a kind of mantra or watch word, were we ever completely successful at following the mantra, no, but the name stuck.

What we Do

Mostly the repair or modification of; software, websites, applications, etc… that have “broken down”, “is slow”,or “doesn’t do X, the way it should”.

We don’t often design software, web sites, web applications, etc… most of the time we “mend” or are “Software Mechanics”, wherein we fix, upgrade, modify or generally make the old code “better”.

If your Website, your Software, your Application, your Plugin, your Shopping Cart or your stack is in need of a mechanic, drop us a line. If we can’t fix it, we are happy to recommend you to someone who will be able to.

if there is a buzzword or technology missing that you need assistance with, i.e. Act!, etc…  please ask

Buzzwords we are compatible with, for those who need them…

  • Mobile first
  • Responsive
  • Full Stack – Perl, Python, PHP, LAMP, MEAN, C, C++
  • PHP , MySQL, Apache
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL lite, sleepycat, SQL Server, Mongo, Couchdb
  • SOAP / Rest / API Integration
  • EDI Solutions
  • Operating Systems: Linux, osx, Windows, etc…
  • .Net ecosystem, C#, VB…
  • Shopping: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, Evolution,
  • Human Languages:
  • International English

    Bahasa Malaysia